B Beechmont Limo Bus Bars & Restaurants

Corrib Pub & Restaurant
(617) 884-9579
2030 Centre St, Chelsea, MA 02150

- Corrib Pub & Restaurant is the ideal Irish pub... original, authentic, comfortable, and inviting. Wonderful staff and ambiance.

- Of course, the food is where it's at, and they really do deliver in this area. The Chicken Giuseppe is our favorite thing overall!

- The hamburgers are also really fantastic here and we love digging into a big plate of their steak tips too! Yummy. Too good.

- The selection of beer is great and you'll love downing a big pint of Guinness or Magners while you dig into your meal!

- There are TVs here of course, and one in the dining room too, but that one's usually only in use for big games.

West on Centre
(617) 323-4199
1732 Ctr St, West Roxbury, MA 02132

- West on Centre is a real favorite for Boston Limo Bus travelers in the Bellevue area, with such yummy dishes and a great vibe.

- The veggie burger is one of our favorite things on the menu, much more filling than you'd expect and served with yummy fries.

- The ravioli will also please even the pickiest pasta fans, and you will love all the salads and even the appetizers and desserts!

- If you want a really beautiful area in which to relax with someone special, the gas fireplace in the corner of the bar area is superb!

- Special occasions are very well celebrated here, and you'll appreciate the affordable pricing and the late night hours!

Masona Grill
(617) 323-3331
4 Corey St, West Roxbury, MA 02132

- Masona Grill is a Latin American restaurant with a full bar and our Boston Limo Bus customers in Bellevue really love it!

- They have some of the freshest entrees that you will ever taste, including a wonderful vegan dinner and yummy yucca fries.

- The bar is small but well-stocked and they offer up a nice smattering of specialty cocktails that will really make your night!

- The ambiance is lovely, very charming and intimate, just right for your cozy celebrations with your good friends and family.

- The eggplant carpaccio is something that we'd very highly recommend, and the wine selection is superb here too!

Sofia Italian Steakhouse
(617) 469-2600
1430 VFW Pkwy, West Roxbury, MA 02132

- When you want a really great meal in the Boston Limo Bus service area, Bellevue vicinity, check out Sofia Italian Steakhouse!

- The things that they have to offer you here are just too good to be described... Beef Wellington that you will drool over...

- Sweet corn cappellacci that will tantalize your tastebuds... filet mignon that is too spectacular... prime rib that's so indulgent!

- The ambiance here is elegant and classy and you'll feel right at home for your special limo bus occasions with good friends.

- Let's not forget to mention the scallops and lamb chops which are two of the highlights here! Everything is fantastic!

Al Wadi
(617) 325-3254
1249 VFW Pkwy, Boston, MA 02132

- Lebanese food is at its very finest at Al Wadi in the Bellevue area of Boston Limo Bus's service area. Our customers love it here.

- The wide open space is just perfect for your limo bus groups and we love the way it feels when hanging in the restaurant and bar.

- It's never too pricey here and you can feed a whole party bus group very cheaply without sacrificing any quality.

- The lamb shank has got to be our favorite thing here, served with fluffy rice and a nice slice of lemon to zest things up!

- The hummus and baba ghannouj are absolutely essential here! We want to smear them all over everything! So good!

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