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1238 River St, Hyde Park, MA 02136

What a a great and casual BBQ restaurant in Hyde Park. The food is fresh and the customer service is always outstanding, which are, of course, two very important factors! One of our favorite meals to grab in the ZAZ restaurant is their BBQ Salmon Burger, but their ZAZ BBQ Wings and the Plantains are nothing to miss either! Another of our favorites is the basil fried rice! They offer fresh baked desserts as well, so always save room for that because it's amazing! For the 21+ crowd, they do serve beer and wine. They're open for brunch as well, and for that we love their Belgian waffles! We love this place and we know you will, too!

Tutto Italiano
1889 River St, Hyde Park, MA 02136

Tutto Italiano is an excellent establishment in the Fairmount area for you to go grab a fantastic, casual lunch. They are a wonderful delicatessen that specialies in Italian sandwiches. They proudly use all fresh cheeses such as home made mozzarella, and delicious, fresh meats. They feature some excellent, fine wines that you will always want to enjoy on a romantic night with your significant other. Some of our favorite hot sandwiches that we get from Tutto Italiano include the chicken parm sandwich, the meatball sandwiches, and the Italian sandwiches. They are a small Italian market perfect to grab a bite of some excellent food, with their expertly crafted sandwiches while grabbing some great meals.

Rincon Caribeno Restaurant
18 Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park, MA 02136

The folks at Rincon Caribeno Restaurant pride themselves on serving up a fantastic menu of Latin American food. They always go the extra mile to ensure their customers are enjoying amazing, authentic flavors of Latin America. The food is simply ethereally good. We strongly recommend the paella, the steak, the fried chicken, the yucca fritta, the pork mofongo, and the maduros, and, well, everything else on their impressive menu! We love it all at Rincon, and we know that you're going to like whatever you choose to order, no matter what your tastes might be. The atmosphere is extremely warm and ambient, with service that is always extremely friendly and attentive.

Cappy's Tavern
11 Wolcott Ct, Hyde Park, MA 02136

If you want to relax, then check out this great local bar: Hyde Park's Cappy's Tavern. This is a favorite spot for many of the residents and visitors of the Fairmount area because of how simply welcoming the staff of Cappy's Tavern are. The drinks are extremely reasonably priced, and as a result of this you would probably expect the drinks to be poured very lightly, but you would be wrong. They are very generous with their pours, which is something that we can not get over. This bar is extremely entertaining, and you will always find that the locals and regulars will welcome you with open arms, no matter how quirky you are. This is a great spot to go and watch your favorite games. Cappy's is a staple in the local scene so be sure to check them out!

Olympic Pizza
187 Wolcott Sq, Hyde Park, MA 02136

Everyone loves pizza, but where should you go for truly amazing pizza? So you probably want to know where the locals go whent hey are looking for the best slice to be had in the area and they will undoubtedly tell you Olympic Pizza. And this is for a great reason as the folks at Olympic Pizza go to incredible lengths to preserve the quality of their pizzas. With delicious, fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible, and techniques that have been passed down from older generations. With such fresh ingredients and home made quality, the flavor is always mind blowing. They make all of their dough fresh every day, and their sauces are made completely from scratch. Olympic Pizza is a truly excellent restaurant where you can go to grab great pizzas, crisp salads, and expertly crafted submarine sandwiches.

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