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1238 River St, Hyde Park, MA 02136

A fantastic and eclectic lunch spot, ZAZ is a favorite amongst residents as well as tourists in the Hyde Park area. They offer a fine blend of fusion and contemporary cuisine that is simply remarkable. Their menu combines a plethora of culinary traditions, so they do not limit themselves to just one genre as far as cuisine goes. They love to experiment and provide their customers with new experiences and tastes. They are always innovating there and always impressing. You need to head over to ZAZ and see for yourself why they are so beloved.

The Fairmount Grille
81 Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park, MA 02136

A grand American bistro that specialize especially in seafood, steaks, amongst other great American classics, The Fairmount Grille is a remarkable restaurant that is always impressing with their passion for food, service, and their patrons. They use only the most fresh ingredients, combined in recipes with a unique flair. Their bar features 20 beers on draft from classic imports to craft specialties. The Fairmount Grille is great for many occasions such as family dinners, social gatherings, business meetings, and private parties. However you utilize their service, though, you are sure to leave satisfied.

Tutto Italiano
1889 River St, Hyde Park, MA 02136

A remarkable, family owned and operated gourmet Italian specialty restaurant that doubles as a beloved Italian market, Tutto Italiano is a staple in the Hyde Park area, and is very frequently visited by the residents of the area. People travel from far and wide to enjoy a meal and grab some fine groceries for their own at home creations from Tutto Italiano. You'll have a hard time finding people who are more passionate about their work than the folks over at Tutto Italiano, and you'll have a hard time finding a deli as great as theirs either, even in Boston!

Rincon Caribeno
18 Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park, MA 02136

A consistently top rated restaurant that specializes in authentic Dominican food, Rincon Caribeno is certainly hard to beat. They offer incredible, authentic food that is provided in a family friendly atmosphere. They will greet you with great big smiles the very minute you walk through the door, and you won't be able to leave the place without a smile on your face as well. They serve amazing food that is reasonably priced and provided in ample portions -- you will almost certainly be leaving with leftovers, which is always a plus in our books!

Cappy's Tavern
11 Wolcott Ct, Hyde Park, MA 02136

The real definition of a great dive bar, Cappy's Tavern really has it all. They have an insanely friendly staff, an amply stocked bar with great craft beers, bottle, and specialty cocktails that are all reasonably priced, delicious food, great atmosphere, tons of televisions for watching the best games (Red Sox games anyone?) and of course their signature lobster roll which you absolutely can not pass up! If you're looking for a casual restaurant that isn't too fancy to sit down for a drink, a meal, and a game, then you've got to try out Cappy's Tavern!

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