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In our commitment to providing the highest quality of service to all our customers, we also urge our clients to observe some rules in the use of our buses. This will ensure that our buses remain in their current conditions - modern and classy - before and after the service.

How many persons are allowed in your buses?

Boston Limo Bus has buses that cater to specific number of persons. We have buses that can comfortably seat up to 35 persons and also have buses for small groups. We don't recommend allowing more than the maximum number of persons allowed in the bus so that comfort and fun will be maintained.

What are my liabilities as a customer?

Any cost of damages that may be incurred during the transport process or during your party will have to be shouldered by you as long as the damages are done by you on purpose or by your guests.

Can I smoke inside the bus?

Boston Limo Bus takes good care of our buses and thus we do not allow smoking inside our buses. That goes for smoking anything.

Do you offer free food and drinks inside your bus?

No. Boston Limo Bus does not provide free food and drinks. However, we provide food storage and coolers for customers who will bring in food and refreshment. We also provide free drinking cups and complimentary water and a bucket of ice.

Do you know any other companies I can get party buses from?

We recommend going to Greensboro Limousine in NC. For NYC try Limo Bus NY. For Texas try Fort Worth Party Bus.

I'm a first timer in Boston and I don't know where to go. Do you have a program for first time visitors?

Yes, we have tailored tour packages for first time visitors to ensure that you will have best travel experience in Boston.

Can you change the color of the wallpaper inside the bus to fit my party theme?

Yes, our stand by interior designers will talk to you regarding your party theme and they can immediately bring out the best interior design that will surely wow your guests

My friends love to sing, do you have karaoke equipment inside your bus?

Our buses are equipped with the state-of-the-art music and sound system, including a karaoke system with more than 50,000 songs you can choose from.

Where can the bus bring us?

Boston Limo Bus can bring you around Boston, as our main service area, or outside Boston depending on availability and prior arrangements

Can I check your buses first to help me decide?

We always recommend to our clients an actual viewing of our buses. Please give us a call in advance so we can arrange your viewing dates based on the availability of our buses.

For further questions and inquiries, please feel free to give us a call now.

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