There are many factors that go into pricing structures for luxury limousine rentals, it truly is best for individuals seeking to procure a vehicle for their upcoming special event to call and speak with one of our friendly knowledgeable team members who can not only assist you in finding the right vehicle but also let you know if the vehicle you want and/or need for your outing is even available at that time.

If you have a party or an event in mind - birthday celebrations, proms, football victory parties, stag parties, corporate outings, family getaways, or simply a night out with close friends - but don't want to hold it inside the usual party venue, consider the services of Boston Limo Bus. Yes, you can now hold parties inside buses. And it's not just ordinary buses that we are offering. At Boston Limo Bus, we provide modern, classy, comfortable, and fully-equipped Limo Buses as your party venue or for any of your transportation needs.

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Is it expensive? Not really. With the comfort, style, and class that we offer, pricing will surely be the last thing on your mind. Give your party that unique touch. What can be more unique than holding parties inside a bus? At Boston Limo Bus, we can transform your party or events into something that will surely linger in the minds of your friends for a long time.

Prices for rentals of our Boston Limo Bus vary depending on the number of guests that you have in mind and the theme of your party. We have buses that can accommodate up to 30 persons and we also have buses that are perfect for couples who want to have a unique dinner date or a night out around town.

Our rates are designed with the customer in mind. Give us a call and let us know the details of your parties or transportation needs so we can design the best pricing structure that will surely fit your budget. Remember, it's not just Limo Buses that we are offering. Boston Limo Bus offers unique party venue, excellent customer service, and a fun, memorable experience that will surely stick on the minds of your friends for a long time. We are a great company that strives on customer satisfaction. We can provide you transportation no matter where you are. We have affiliates across the country. Some of our top affiliates are Detroit Limo.

As a transportation partner, Boston Limo Bus can be more expensive than flagging down a taxi. But consider these - can you drink your favorite wine inside a taxi? Can you stretch out, stand, dance or even sing karaoke while inside a taxi? Can you browse elbows with 20 other friends inside a taxi? If you and your friends chip in for a Boston Limo Bus, you will see that it's even cheaper to hire us plus the comfort and style that you will get are something that cannot be quantified by any amount of money.

For our rate structure, give us a call now so we can discuss your requirements.

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