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Since our inception, we have employed some of the best custom vehicle fabricators in the country. Our steady success allows us to continue to commission new vehicles constantly, while selling at very affordable price points to our loyal customers, which means great saving on a great vehicle for you.

We present a tremendous opportunity...

To buy one of the most premier limo buses on the market today!

Our company has a wonderful limo bus for sale, a Ford F-550 party bus. The Ford F-550 name is one that comes with a durable reputation, so this is a reliable buy for any transportation company looking to maximize profits. A custom built limo bus is a great way to make sure you’re ahead of your competition. The 26 passenger capacity with extra room for luggage, paired with the stylish interior ensures that this is a limo bus that can be used for any event in or around Boston!

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When you’re thinking about buying a used or new limo bus, chances are you’ve thought it over quite a bit! There may be some things you haven’t thought about , though! Some aspects that you think are unlikely may have a big impact on your business down the road. Owning a business comes with its own set of challenges, and one of those challenges is deciding which risks are worth taking! We’re here to make the decision a little bit easier.

Buying a new Limo Bus

Many companies shy away from buying a new limo bus because of the upfront costs associated with it. There’s no question that an investment can be tricky or intimidating, but an investment is something that is supposed to pay off in the long run, and you might find a new limo bus to do just that! Think about it, being known as a reliable company with new limo buses is a great way to boost positive reputation and get more business. Of course, you’ll need to pay for the limo bus first, and you can either pay up front, or finance it with monthly payments plus interest. Monthly insurance is already through the roof, so an accident in a new limo bus is something to think about, as you might find yourself too much of a liability to your insurance company and you could be dropped. There’s nothing worse for your company than no insurance, as you won’t be able to provide service! Keep in mind these pros and cons, and you’re sure to make an informed decision to help your business!

Some Benefits of Buying from us:

  • We only offer custom built Boston limos and buses
  • All of our vehicles have updated interior designs for maximum attractiveness
  • You’ll find vinyl seating that is color coordinated for an efficient and quick clean
  • Custom driver controls in the cockpit

Buying a used Limo Bus

Chances are, you’ve though about buying a used limo bus before considering buying a new limo bus. That’s because a used limo bus seems as though it would be the most cost efficient way to go, after all, it’s been used for the exact purpose you’re looking to use it for! However, just because it fits the bill, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. An older vehicle is more likely to break down, so make sure you take a good look at the inner workings of the vehicle and the condition of the frame and other components, as it will probably look good from the surface either way! Customers will stay away from companies who are known for breakdowns, that’s for sure. Don’t make a cheap decision that will ultimately cost you in the long run! If you’re smart about it, and you’re able to identify the costs associated with the purchase of a used vehicle, you may just have great luck with buying a used limo bus that can bring you profit!

Additional benefits and perks of our limo buses

  • High quality stereo systems with CD, Subwoofers, 6.5" Component Speakers, and decorative acrylic boxes for speakers and amps
  • Lit up ceilings and dazzling decorated walls
  • Ambient bar areas
  • Buckets for champagne
  • Champagne and rock glass holders
  • Custom bar areas for your clients convenience
  • Plasma televisions with DVD/Blue Ray
  • Removable stripper poles
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  • Our Asking Price: $129,900.00

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